Cascade Systems Technology - Interview


The industry of electronic manufacturing


The expertise in electronic manufacturing collected over decades guarantees complete reliability and flexibility for Cascade Systems Technology. They understand that every customer is unique and requires special attention.


Cylex 1. What industries does “Cascade Systems Technology” serve?

Cascade Systems Technology: Cascade Systems Technology (CST) provides electronic component solutions for a variety of industries, ranging from industrial, defense, aerospace, commercial, medical, energy, to prototyping. Our knowledge and top-of the line products maintain sustainability and demand for CST assemblies.

Cylex 2. What information do you need to size a project?

Cascade Systems Technology: When a quote is requested, a Program Manager will reach out to obtain Gerbers, BOM (Bill of Material), quantity to quote, special assembly notes and drawings. They will size the information and proceed with additional steps. Please contact Steve Daniel at, or call 971-330-8054 for any quoting needs.

Cylex 3. What is the SMT production?

Cascade Systems Technology: SMT stands for Surface Mount Technology. Cascade has a variety of SMT production lines allowing placement of BGA components, flip chip, fine pitch components, and POP (package on package). Our newest line has 10 micron placement accuracy at four sigma. In addition to SMT production, we have rework services, inspection equipment, through-hole assembly capabilities, box build, and electronic prototyping.


Cylex 4. What training and experience do the people who do the design and engineering have?

Cascade Systems Technology: Cascade Systems Technology was founded in 1989. With over 25 years as an electronic supplier of choice in the assembly field, several employees have decades of field experience. Each team member is an expert at their craft and works tirelessly to fulfil customer needs. We partner with contractors for design projects to complete a variety of enterprises with top-notch equipment.

Cylex 5. How do you make sure that everything goes according to the designed plan?

Cascade Systems Technology: We have a Quality Assurance Department whose sole purpose is to review First Articles and evaluate assemblies at each stage of production. In addition, our Program Department tracks each project to ensure a smooth transition between various stages of assembly. Every project is managed in strict compliance with our Engineering Design and Development Procedure.

Cylex 6. Are there any plans concerning the development of your company?

Cascade Systems Technology: We continually strive to be the best in the industry. Our company has developed short term and long-term visions to support internal processes and external customers, and to continue to develop the company.


Cylex 7. What makes your company stand out above competition?

Cascade Systems Technology: We stand out with Microelectronics – wire bonding and die placement, Quick Turn Assembly, Prototyping, Board Design conversion from Through-Hole to SMT, On-site management of customer’s inventory (for kitted assemblies), Program Manager Department and Employee experience.

Cylex 8. What capabilities does your company provide?

Cascade Systems Technology: Cascade Systems Technology is a premier manufacturing company specializing in Electronic Manufacturing Services in Hillsboro, Oregon. We have a variety of capabilities to serve our customer’s needs. We are ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and UL-796 Certified as well as ITAR Registered. With over 25 years as a supplier of choice, we offer a depth of experience with a variety of industrial, commercial, medical, aerospace, energy and defense applications.


Cascade Systems Technology prides itself in its commitment to providing a high quality product at a price competitive within the markets it serves.