Harvey's Garage Door - Interview


The solution to everything

2 months ago

Garage Doors are an intricate and finicky part of the house. While their main purpose is to protect your car or other miscellaneous items from the cold, heat, or sand (if you happen to reside near the beach), they also serve as an additional way to protect and insulate your house. So when the day eventually comes that your garage door or garage door opener does happen to fail, what can you do? Luckily, there are more than a few talented Garage Door Services out there and all you have to do is look.


Cylex: In what does Harvey's Garage Door specialize?

We specialize in Garage Doors and sliding glass patio doors, we also do some window replacement and work on gates.

Cylex: What can you  tell us about you as a family business?

We have been a family owned business since 1972 with the handing over of the company to me (Eric Henderson) in 2005. The company was handed from grandpa to grandson, and keeps its original name in honor of Harvey. Our quality work and top notch efficiency has given Harvey's the same day service reputation that it is known and loved for. We are ready to work hard, deliver quality service and get the job done fast.

Cylex: How do you evaluate a project and come up with a cost for it? Do you offer this service for free?

We are very competitive in pricing to the point that we will send a technician to the customer's door at no charge to them, and give them a free estimate.



Cylex: Are your services available 24/7? Do you take emergency calls? What was the most recent emergency you had?

We regularly do emergency calls 24/7, I asked dispatch when our last emergency call was and I was told "probably a week or two ago" and I asked what type of job it was and I was told "probably off track" which means the door hanging above the customer's garage sometimes near falling on the customer's car and unable to close.

Cylex: What are the most usual issues that you encounter when you go to offer your services?

A common type of service call for us and we are most of the time able to fix it the same day.


Harvey's skilled door technicians know the ins and outs of almost any brand of door. These people know how to get the job done right, and as quickly as possible. Here at Harvey's, hard work is the solution to everything.