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Nu-Look Refinishing

more than 6 months ago

This guy did'nt return my phone calls finally when he did set up appointment never showed said he was tied up somewhere else 1day wasted appointment next day never showed up never called 2 days wasted thanks Rich
#Tub Repair

by more than 6 months ago

First this fella was highly aggressive for no apparent reason, as though we knew him(we did not) and was rambling about police etc. very odd. sad really. Rich NuLook

Counter and tiles

more than 6 months ago

This guy did an amazing job on our countertops and tiles, 3 days(very complex) and used corian like colors. wow you cannot tell ts wood.


more than 6 months ago


Cast iron tub

more than 6 months ago

Richie, this was hard to find, but I did and you did a great job on that tub, she can get in and out np now. And Its nice that she can still fill the bathtub. And the grab bars you threw in for free great positioning

Assisted Living Center

more than 6 months ago

We received a postcard in thhe mail at our facility and Im glad we did, We were about to sink over 50k into bathtub renovations and NU-LOOK did the same job for under 10k amazing and lifetime warrantied. Amazing and the extra money can be put into other areas of our building.
Assisted Living Center

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